August 2016
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We’re literally days away from the opening ceremony at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio!

As expected the main spotlight will of course be focused on the likes of Bolt, Farah, Ennis, Gatlin, Murray, Phelps, Curry, and Fraser-Pryce to name a few… But for the very first time, a team of refugee athletes are preparing to take to the main stage. Competing at an international level and hoping win those coveted medals, whilst at the same time raising awareness of the wider refugee crisis. A team of filmmakers have documented the first ever Refugee Olympians, and asks audiences to stand together #WithRefugees.

The aim of this high impact and emotional film is raise awareness about the difficulties of the 65 million people who are currently displaced around the globe due to conflict, human rights violations, persecution and violence. Ultimately reminding everyone that refugees are people just like everybody else.

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