Type R


At the core of this film is an interview with Suehiro Hasshi who explains the key facts and achievements that drove the development of the Civic Type R 2014 Concept car. Filmed on prime lenses, we used a mixture of tight- and wide-shots to give a sense of depth and scale, and edited the film in an energetic, fast-paced style to enhance the cinematic look and feel.
This short, visually dynamic film projects graphics specially made for this production and existing footage to get the worlds press interested in what’s to come and to remind them of the lineage of the marque and its contribution to European road racing front wheel drive cars.

World famous car manufacturer Honda commissioned us to produce for them a film that would draw a line from their rich history of innovation to what they may have coming down the line in the future, in order to enthuse and excite the the worlds press & the wider public .