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Charlie Marks, BAE

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Engineering That Moves the World

GKN wanted to raise awareness of how important they are to many of the machines we take for granted in our everyday lives.  Many organisations can lay claim to innovation and excellent technology, however our client needed us to portray GKN’s ability to evolve rapidly and in tune with their major global clients. Above all, the film set out to reset perceptions of the brand internally and externally: from being a reliable engineering business to the leading high-tech, forward-thinking partners they are today.

The Next Chapter

Airbus required a dynamic film to use internally to explain the rationale behind their huge transformation programme that changed the way the organisation operates and how their people work.
Using a punchy music track with quick paced captions the messaging was conveyed to the audiences in a quick and effective manner. By using captions it allowed for the film to be easily adapted for local markets around the world.

Who are you going to stay safe for?

We produced a number of films for UK Power Networks (many of which like this one, won awards) for their ongoing safety campaign Stay Safe. After a couple of years the campaign needed a fresh angle and this film was produced to articulate the new message Who are you going to Stay Safe for?
We had already killed and maimed a number of actors and we wanted to play here with the expectation that bad things always happen in safety films. Getting people to think about that and then reminding them of their loved ones and why it is so important to look after themselves struck a major chord within the organisation.

In Our Hands
Jet Aviation

This film launches Jet Aviation’s new brand and values, both externally and internally across other businesses in their group.

What sets Jet Aviation apart is their focus on craftsmanship and customer service – themes we brought alive through a focus on hands and the human touch.

Covid delayed the launch of this film from March 2020 to January 2021. However we have permission to share this with specific clients.

Recruitment Film

Rolls-Royce were launching a new recruitment site and really wanted to bring in the energy and passion of their people. This overview film sits on top of a range of pieces featuring diverse individuals across the business talking about their role and what gets them out of bed in the morning.

The films were part of an award winning recruitment site which changed the way that candidates saw working for Rolls-Royce.

Private: Driveline Brand Film

This is a good example of The Edge’s flexibility and responsiveness. We were already producing a film for a major internal event on technology and design when the GKN Automotive CEO decided he needed a brand film produced as well in just over a week. This was pulled together in record time and created a very positive reaction when it was launched at the conference. We include it here as an example of where we can add value on lower cost, less bespoke approaches to film.

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