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Caroline Williams - SGN

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Stay Safe

Accidents often have multiple causes with complacency and lack of personal responsibility at their heart. This hard-hitting emotional film aims to ensure the ‘Stay Safe’ message sticks.

The primary audience comprised all of the UK Power Networks field staff and contractors – those who are older and have been in the job for many years, alongside new and young apprentices. Beyond this, the film had to work for all 5,000 employees.

UK Power Networks

We made this short film to highlight the margins that can mean life or death for UK Power Networks engineers – and how the odds can so easily get shortened by so many seemingly inconsequential things.

Featuring real staff who were at the centre of a real-life 50/50 moment, the film calls on everyone at UK Power Networks to take that extra time to make sure everyone takes all measures possible to prevent people getting killed or injured.

Who are You Going to Stay Safe for?
UK Power Networks

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with UK Power Networks, producing powerful health & safety films (as part of their ongoing campaign, ‘Stay Safe’) that show the consequences results of not following safety procedures.

Here we went with a creative approach that moved away from the direct consequences of not following safety regulations.  Instead, we see the people who can get left behind, and ask a simple but powerful question to the audience: Who are you going to stay safe for?

Stay Safe UGC

This was a follow-up to ‘Who Are You Going to Stay Safe For?’

This sequel uses user-generated content to reinforce the original message and show how the campaign is positively making a difference within UK Power Networks.

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