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Bernard O’Brien - Deloitte

Please see a selection of our films with humour below

Teenage cybercrime #CyberChoices
National Crime Agency

The National Crime Agency required a film to form the centerpiece of a campaign to raise awareness about the growing issue with teenage cyber crime. Using comedy, we appeal to parents to be mindful of what their teenager could potentially be doing on the computer.  The film has been shown across a wide range of media from BBC Breakfast and The One Show to Good Morning Britain.

Diversity – Unicorn

We opted for a mockumentary-esque film featuring fictional CCEP employees of different ages wearing animal masks, following them as they navigate working life whilst being interviewed by an off-screen interviewer trying to get their opinions on age diversity.   We utilised the masks as animals don’t have the concept of generation and age is often hard to gauge on appearance alone. The final reveal further drew on this idea, as the characters removing their masks to reveal the people beneath, and further countering expectations.

PME – So You Think You Can Coach?

This film was part of a series of films for HSBC to support a training course around best practice in coaching for new managers at the bank.

We used comedy to help promote best practice whilst understanding the context of the situation and not being unnecessarily castigatory towards the character guilty of ‘bad practice’.

Lloyds Banking Group

When Lloyds Banking Group was formed they had to inform their £18m customers about the changes that were taking place and this film helped internal staff to answer those queries in branch.

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