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A selection films from The Edge.


Deloitte are great believers in growing value from within their own organisation, empowering their own people to have the means to devise and launch innovative new ideas for potential new business venture start-ups.

A short film was required to help inspire all Deloitte’s millennials to ‘make their ideas happen’, helping position the company as a champion of this new way of thinking, and to formally launch the initiative.  It aims to show Deloitte as a champion of innovation and entrepreneurship, whilst encouraging their own people to engage with the firm’s innovation agenda.

Connecting the World, Building the Future
DP World

The aim of this short film is to capture the essence of the DP World brand. Through personal / emotional storytelling / powerful narration, the film illustrates how shipping has changed the world – how our homes and our lives have improved through access to goods from all corners of the world.

Technology & Teamwork

This film highlights the technology and teamwork that goes into the creation and origination of its high quality products across aviation, marine, and energy services whilst it conveys the huge sense of internal pride that employees feel for working there. Premiered at the company’s AGM, it was then shown at major exhibitions across the world and hosted on the company website.

Business without Borders
AJ Gallagher

AJG were in the process of redefining their corporate image. They commissioned us to create an inspirational, thought-provoking film to showcase the enlarged organisation, as well as highlighting its strengths, credentials, product capabilities, and people – all communicated by reflecting the unique tone of voice and language of its distinct brand.

Digital Platform

Coutts wanted a short film that would present their digital platform. It needed to inspire and attract both current and potential customers, encouraging them to utilise the full range of digital services that they have recently developed and would be making available on a much wider scale.

We Are Louis Dreyfus
Louis Dreyfus

Our challenge was to produce a Corporate Image film that would give a general view of Louis Dreyfus Commodities, introduce and promote the company, whilst visually showing the sheer scale and scope of its global business and operations.
This beautifully-shot film shows how Louis Dreyfus’s historic presence across the commodities value chain and its global reach bring the right food to the right location at the right time.
Driven by a powerful piece of music, the whole film is together by a professional narrator, telling the Louis Dreyfus story in a thought-provoking and compelling manner.

Our Journey

From their humble beginnings in the basement of a house in Kingston, ACS has always been a family business and continues to be to this day.  Our challenge was to devise a solution that would tell their incredible story with little available archive footage. We came up with a docu-animation format which allowed us to explore their story in a warm, human way.


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