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Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Engineering That Moves the World

GKN wanted to raise awareness of how important they are to many of the machines we take for granted in our everyday lives.  Many organisations can lay claim to innovation and excellent technology, however our client needed us to portray GKN’s ability to evolve rapidly and in tune with their major global clients. Above all, the film set out to reset perceptions of the brand internally and externally: from being a reliable engineering business to the leading high-tech, forward-thinking partners they are today.

Our Story
GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas wanted a global film that raised awareness of their activities in the Oil & Gas Sector where they’ve been pushing the boundaries of technology and investing in innovation for over 20 years.

Brand Film
DP World

Our aim was to produce a short film that captures the essence of the new DP World brand.

Through personal and emotional storytelling as well as a powerful narration, the film illustrates how shipping has changed the world.

P&T Pride (Cutdown)

P&T is a global organisation with extensive resources, experience and specialist know-how.  It’s a relatively new division within Shell, accountable for the development and management of the largest and most complex projects – creating world-class technology.  A film was required that would convey the 9 business units of Projects & Technology (P&T). It was important that the film gave a sense of the bigger picture and answered some key questions surrounding what P&T was set up to do.


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