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Here are a selection of films we have produced around cybercrime.

GMT 2019 T1 – FREEZE
Teenage cybercrime #CyberChoices
National Crime Agency

The National Crime Agency required a film to form the centerpiece of a campaign to raise awareness about the growing issue with teenage cyber crime. Using comedy, we appeal to parents to be mindful of what their teenager could potentially be doing on the computer.  The film has been shown across a wide range of media from BBC Breakfast and The One Show to Good Morning Britain.

National Crime Agency

Young men are the target of internet blackmail through what is known as Sextortion. Young women either knowingly or unknowingly tempt young men to perform sexual acts in front of webcams, these acts are then recorded and the young man then becomes a victim of blackmail.

This is a very serious issue as a number of the victims have taken their own lives. The purpose of our film is to raise awareness of this issue and hopefully save lives along the way. Our solution was to recreate a Sexploitation video, all filmed in a single shot, so it looks like a webcam. Our actress talks directly to camera, tempting the target audience to perform a sexual act for her. Half way through she changes persona, from temptress to hard-nosed extortionist as she explains to the young man that he is a victim of blackmail.

Deutsche Bank

Part of a wider series to promote cyber safety, this film focuses on Passwords and what Deutsche Bank employees can do to minimise risk and stay safe online.

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