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Please see below selection of films as promised.

On Your Watch
British Council

We made this to commemorate the retirement of British Council’s outgoing Chief Executive, Martin Davidson.   We wrote a caption script, turned it into a PowerPoint, and a call went out around the world – the huge amount of contributions we received helped us to make a really special film to thank Martin for his service and what the Council had achieved during his time at the helm.

Pronino Film
Teléfonica O2

Through its Foundation, the Telefónica Group manages Proniño, a programme that aims to help improve the welfare of children across Latin America. Telefónica O2 employees can volunteer to spend three weeks working on Proniño projects, and since 2008 we have worked with the company to help volunteers record and publicise their experiences using employee-generated video and other social media forms. We source the cameras, train the volunteers and edit their footage into short documentary films. The results are vivid, personal, first-person testimony about life-changing experiences. The films had such an impact internally that applications for the scheme the following year rose by 250%, allowing Telefónica O2 to treble the involvement of their employees.

The Spirit of CBRE

CBRE asked us to produce an engaging and surprising film that unifies their EMEA employees. ‘The Spirit of CBRE’ film had to also offer a broad overview of their wider business and drive home the power of their people in making CBRE the business it is today.

We used the kaleidolapse technique to give the film a unique sense of style and creativity. By using timelapse footage and symmetrically mirroring the shots – we were able to offer a visual as if looking through a kaleidoscope.

Digital Marketing – David & Fiona

We created this film to show how Neyber can both remove the hassle of getting a loan and offer fairer rates to more employees by enabling them to repay their loan directly from their salary. Neyber’s goal is to do much more than grant loans but to improve the financial wellbeing of UK employees but offering trusted, fair and accessible loan products.

We recorded a series of short audio interviews with real Neyber customers, each talking about their personal experiences and how the technology has helped them.  Each story was brought to life using animation.


Probate Web Series

Acknowledging how daunting the probate process can be for families – especially at an emotionally challenging time such as the death of a loved one – Simplify seeks to demystify the legal requirements and other services necessary when someone dies. Led by a straight-talking presenter and clear iconography, our 25-part series (now live on helps unpack the complex probate process in simple, effective steps, and the series continues to gain popularity amongst the website’s visitors.


The film was a call-to-arms to embrace and promote the programme for the long term and get more young people recruited through internships, business start-ups, and graduate recruitment. Its simplicity and effectiveness drew some really positive feedback from the client and audience alike, and numerous language versions were created.

100% Zero Waste

We told the story by taking someone – from a site that still had the challenge ahead – to a similar factory in Argentina which managed their target in record time. We used a combination of captions, live on-site interviews, 3D graphics, and Skype interviews to give the film a true global representation.

Telefónica Digital

A film to welcome the ambitious and talented new recruits, to be shown during their induction programme. The film had to portray the spark and vitality of their business, present Telefónica as a radical and innovative company and an exciting place to work.

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