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Please see below a selection of films in the £50-150k bracket.

Digital Platform

Coutts wanted a short film that would present their digital platform. It needed to inspire and attract both current and potential customers, encouraging them to utilise the full range of digital services that they have recently developed and would be making available on a much wider scale.

Ask Yourself

Deloitte believe in an environment in which their people are recognised and respected for their own strengths, values and perspectives. They believe that it’s only within such an environment that employees can truly be at their best.

To this end, they’re working hard to ensure they provide a working environment where everyone feels able to be themselves and can thrive, develop and succeed.  Creating an inclusive environment is not a challenge unique to Deloitte; by uploading the film to YouTube and allowing people to share it with others Deloitte hope to inspire them on their own journeys of respect and inclusion.

To date the film has been viewed over 228,000 on YouTube and has won a multitude of major film festival awards.

One Supply Chain

The 100,000 people who work for the Supply Chain worldwide are the backbone of Unilever sourcing –  manufacturing, packaging and delivering billions of products a year. They, more than anyone will ensure Unilever meets its ambitious targets.This film aims to celebrate and recognise the work these people do, and to demonstrate in a memorable way their dedication and determination to deliver.  Shot in Kenya, Dubai, Mexico and the UK we came up with a simple analogy to represent every aspect of the business, and demonstrate in a memorable way the pride and dedication of everyone – no matter what their role.


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