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Kayte O'Neill - National Grid

Please see below a selection of our safety films for UK Power Networks.

Stay Safe

Accidents often have multiple causes with complacency and lack of personal responsibility at their heart. This hard-hitting emotional film aims to ensure the ‘Stay Safe’ message sticks.

The primary audience comprised all of the UK Power Networks field staff and contractors – those who are older and have been in the job for many years, alongside new and young apprentices. Beyond this, the film had to work for all 5,000 employees.

Stay Safe UGC

This was a follow-up to ‘Who Are You Going to Stay Safe For?’

This sequel uses user-generated content to reinforce the original message and show how the campaign is positively making a difference within UK Power Networks.

Speak Up
UK Power Networks

This film needed to have a high-impact, emotional effect on employees working in the field, making them stop and think before taking shortcuts that could potentially lead to injury or death.

It was essential that the film got under people’s skin to counteract complacency and build an environment where employees don’t take unnecessary risks, aren’t afraid to speak up, and take collective responsibility for safety. The story clearly identifies the root cause of taking shortcuts in an intelligent way that leaves no doubt in the audience’s mind.

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