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A selection of films from The Edge

Plant Science
University of Cambridge

Plant science is generally seen as the less interesting arm of biology. However it’s vital to get the best people into plant science to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. To help encourage plant science to their narrow focused audience of young individuals in schools, colleges and universities, Cambridge University commissioned the ‘plant science’ film. The overall aim of the film was to up the profile and appeal of plant science not just at Cambridge University, but for plant science biology worldwide in all forms of education.

We Are – Nuveen

We aimed to create an exciting and contemporary film that tells Nuveen’s story from the beginning- how they got to where they are and where they aim to go. The end result was a stylish, engaging film that combined library footage, engaging animation, and kinetic typography to clever effect.

Telefónica Digital

A film to welcome the ambitious and talented new recruits, to be shown during their induction programme. The film had to portray the spark and vitality of their business, present Telefónica as a radical and innovative company and an exciting place to work.


Telefonica wanted a film to promote the Talentum programme of recruiting thousands of young people within their European business.

The film was aimed at Management and below as a call to arms to embrace and promote the programme for the long term and get more young people recruited through internships, business start-ups and graduate recruitment.

Using the a map of Europe shot from above we used stop frame animation with pop up props such as mobile devises, still imagery and live action contributions from existing young talent throughout the European business giving short sound-bites and endorsements.

The films simplicity and effectiveness received positive feedback from the client and audience alike and numerous language versions were created.

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