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Plant Science
University of Cambridge

Plant science is generally seen as the less interesting arm of biology. However it’s vital to get the best people into plant science to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. To help encourage plant science to their narrow focused audience of young individuals in schools, colleges and universities, Cambridge University commissioned the ‘plant science’ film. The overall aim of the film was to up the profile and appeal of plant science not just at Cambridge University, but for plant science biology worldwide in all forms of education.

Technology & Teamwork

This film highlights the technology and teamwork that goes into the creation and origination of its high quality products across aviation, marine, and energy services whilst it conveys the huge sense of internal pride that employees feel for working there. Premiered at the company’s AGM, it was then shown at major exhibitions across the world and hosted on the company website.

You Poo Too
Thames Tideway Tunnel

Led by our young presenter, we learn the facts about the project and how the Tunnel is going to lead to a brighter, cleaner future for the whole of London. This film has been instrumental in educating the public about the facts surrounding the project, and clarify any misconceptions people might have. In addition to the main film, we also produced a teaser film which was launched on the Thames Tideway Tunnel’s various social media platforms.

International Women’s Day
De Beers

We produced shortfilm to help explain HeForShe, what it is, why it’s important, and to show clear senior leadership commitment to making this happen as part of the Count Me In campaign.

Open Minds

Diversity and inclusion is seen as an important driver of success at UKPN, but there are barriers to their people acting inclusively. One of the biggest is also one of the hardest to address – unconscious bias (UB). They want their people to be mindful of their bias, and take steps to avoid acting on it.

Unconscious Bias
TFL Transport for London

We produced a short, powerful film for TFL, which challenged employers unconscious bias during the recruitment process.

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