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Network Rail - Lifesaving Rules Series

Network Rail is the authority responsible for the UK’s rail network. In collaboration with 1,300 people (including employees, contractors, unions, HR and others), Network Rail developed a series of Lifesaving Rules: Working with Electricity; Safe Behaviour; Working with Moving Equipment; Working at Heights; Taking Responsibility (Alcohol and Drugs), and Driving Safely.

The Edge produced a series of short films to raise awareness and change behaviour. These were designed to focus people’s minds on key areas of risk and to get them to be more proactive in acting safely in the workplace.

The films were awarded the Grand Prix award at the EVCOM Screen Awards along with a Gold for Best Script and Silver in the Health & Safety and also in the Animation, VFX & Graphics categories. At last year's New York Festivals, the films won two Gold awards in the Animation and Internal Use categories.

Lifesaving Rules – Working with Electricity
Network Rail

Here we see the accident happen live and hear the reactions of the victim’s colleagues.

Lifesaving Rules – Safe Behaviour
Network Rail

A Network Rail employee takes us through the experience of finding out about a colleague killed on the lines and the struggle of having to deal with the loved ones left behind

Lifesaving Rules – Working with Moving Equipment
Network Rail

Cutting corners led to Brian becoming disabled.  In this film, a colleague talks about the incident while he install handles in his friend’s bath.

Lifesaving Rules – Working At Heights
Network Rail

Network Rail were looking for a suite of films to raise awareness of their key Lifesaving Rules.

Using an X-ray graphic style, we recreated situations based on real accidents suffered by Network Rail employees, showing the impact of various severe injuries suffered in working environments familiar to the audience.

Lifesaving Rules – Taking Responsibility
Network Rail

This films reminds track and maintenance workers about their responsibilities around drugs and alcohol by hearing from a grieving widow.


Lifesaving Rules – Driving
Network Rail

New rules barred people from using mobile devices, even hands-free, while driving. This received a lot of push back.  Our film aims to get inside people’s heads and make them understand how dangerous this behaviour can be and the devastating potential consequences to themselves and others.

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