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Please see a selection of our films featuring varying degrees of CGI motion graphics – both with and without live action

Guardians of the Skies

NATS wanted a film that would elevate external perceptions beyond simply being at the ‘head of the field’, and be seen a pioneering company leading the way into the future of the industry. Our solution was to create a futuristic, 3D CGI world which brings NATS’ vision to life. Within this visually-stunning environment, our presenter guides the audience through the company’s ambitions, all the while interacting with the world around her. The spectacular visuals are underpinned by an ethereal music score, reinforcing the futuristic, innovative feel of the film.


Pinn wanted a film to launch themselves into the market, to explain both to business and consumer customers, what their offering is. To this end we produced a voiceover-led piece of animation that is both stylish and original which clearly and simply describes what Pinn does, how their product works and the benefits it has to society as a whole.

Where Energy is Opportunity [E] – BOD 2015
Saudi Aramco

Drawing on beautiful imagery shot in Hong Kong, Seoul, London, KSA, and Coventry, we combined an ethereal bespoke music track film with state-of-the-art graphics to create a final piece which reinforces Aramco’s position as the world’s leading petrochemical company in an understated, emotional, and engaging fashion.

‘Strength in Agility’ – BOD 2016
Saudi Aramco

The primary purpose of each year’s event is to promote good relations between Saudi Aramco and the host nation (as well as other Asian countries) and show appreciation of the special relationships they have. 2016’s event took place in Tokyo, and our film needed to focus on the event’s theme of ‘Strength in Agility’ and incorporated the event’s logo – a tiger amongst bamboo.

Our key creative idea was a highly original CGI Origami treatment. Paper is regarded as delicate, but the irony is that it is flexible enough to be folded into a myriad of shapes to convey the qualities connected to strength in agility – and how Saudi Aramco makes the world more mobile, productive, meaningful.

The treatment is a subtle, elegant nod to Japanese culture, and allowed us to graphically treat live-action footage using high-end CGI techniques to creatively amplify ‘the origami effect’ in a number of diverse and visually memorable ways. Through real origami artistry and CGI techniques, we created a stunning visual world in which reality meets fantasy and showcasing the core theme: Strength in Agility.

Where The Best Get Better [60 secs]
National Tourism Council

Picture the scene: dawn breaks across over desert sands as we set up at base camp at the Inland Sea. Neymar, Buffon, Di María, and Thiago Silva arrive at the Edge set – you can imagine our excitement… four footballing superstars!

We pinch ourselves – and then set to work with Grid to create a truly iconic TVC for Qatar’s National Tourism Authority.

What a day.

We open on a stunning vista, as these elite players utilise the desert to train, pushing themselves further than ever before. The camera follows as they run across the desert’s expanse, tackling dunes and conquering steep uphills..

Why? Well…

Where do you go when you’ve achieved everything – but want to keep pushing further?

Qatar, of course.

Premiered on CNN, ‘Where The Best Get Better’ is taking the internet by storm.

The Future of World Trade
DP World


Through personal and emotional storytelling as well as a powerful narration, the film illustrates how shipping has changed the world – how our homes and our lives have improved through access to goods from all corners of the world – the invisible impact of the shipping container.

A clever, emotional and surprising piece, this film has a real wow factor, and above all, it leaves the audience with a clear understanding of how DP World is helping shape modern life; the future of world trade!

Integral Society

Ken Wilber is a respected philosopher, with followers including Bill Clinton.

The Integral Society initiative is his holistic view of how society should interact with each other towards a common goal.

They needed a film to make the concept more accessible and engaging for a wide range of audiences.

Our solution was a based around a device called a Phonotrope, where the illusion of animation is achieved by rotating an object and filming it at a high shutter speed.  The end result was both beautiful and mesmerising – like nothing else we’ve produced before…

1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets [Corporate Edit 2011]
Foundation for Science, Technology & Civilisation

They wanted a central showcase film to bring to life some of the achievements of Muslim scientists over the centuries.

Starring Sir Ben Kingsley as Al-Jazari – a master engineer from the 13th Century – our film reveals the huge impact on the world that’s been made by the inventions and discoveries of Muslim inventors and scientists in the Golden Age of Islam.

This film won 26 international awards including golds at Cannes, London, Hamburg, New York & Chicago and had over 25 million views online.

Museums : A Showreel
The Edge Picture Company

A small selection of some of our museum films we have made over the years for worldwide clients in Museum and exhibition spaces.


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