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Tegan’s Story
Network Rail

Trespassing on the railway is on the increase and has been since 2014. Increasing youth trespass is a major concern which has resulted in the wider rail industry creating the Trespass Improvement Program. Last summer, a 16-year-old girl seriously injured herself on the tracks. She is now working with Network Rail speaking out about the dangers of trespassing on the railway. We worked in alliance with Network Rail to tell her story as part of their ‘You vs Train’ campaign which aims to highlight the hidden dangers on the railway, such as live conductor rails, as well as the obvious ones such as oncoming trains, to deter young people from trespassing on the railway.

Ask Twice
Network Rail

Network Rail were launching a campaign to communicate Mental Wellness to their business. Their goal was to bring understanding to mental wellbeing and its importance, while educating their audience to be aware of the potential signs and symptoms of someone suffering with their mental health.

Human Factors Microlearning Into
Network Rail

A friendly introduction to the Human Factors course that sets up the need for it. Led by a professional actor playing by a Network Rail colleague.

Train Metrics [Animation]
Network Rail

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