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Recruitment - a presentation for Axalt / Upfield - Becky

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Testronic Recruitment Film

This film has a straightforward yet ambitious function – to sell a dream. We wanted to give the viewer an insight into Testronic and the opportunities available to those who join the company. So we created a positive, dynamic portrait of the company, showing the environment, atmosphere, work and social scenes

Recruitment Film

Our aim was to create an overview film that attracts new talent into Rolls-Royce.  This will act as a “commercial” for Rolls-Royce and can be used in meetings, presentations, at recruitment fairs etc.

We Like The Way You Think – Marte

We wanted a to draw people in, whetting their appetite for further exploration and finding out more about the people who work for Rolls-Royce. The project consisted of one 25” teaser, a 90” overview film and 13 x 60” films featuring Rolls-Royce employees, all of whom representing different aspects of the business and a cross-section of age, ethnicity, and gender. Through meeting them, we get to meet Rolls-Royce, getting a feel for the personality of the company and the qualities and values it stands for.


The film was a call-to-arms to embrace and promote the programme for the long term and get more young people recruited through internships, business start-ups, and graduate recruitment. Its simplicity and effectiveness drew some really positive feedback from the client and audience alike, and numerous language versions were created.

One Supply Chain

The 100,000 people who work for the Supply Chain worldwide are the backbone of Unilever sourcing –  manufacturing, packaging and delivering billions of products a year. They, more than anyone will ensure Unilever meets its ambitious targets.This film aims to celebrate and recognise the work these people do, and to demonstrate in a memorable way their dedication and determination to deliver.  Shot in Kenya, Dubai, Mexico and the UK we came up with a simple analogy to represent every aspect of the business, and demonstrate in a memorable way the pride and dedication of everyone – no matter what their role.

Apprentices – Lauren Cyster

One of a series of 20 user generated films: 10 covering core roles where there is a real focus on recruitment and 10 Apprentice Stories. The latter aim to overcome misconceptions of BT and instead reach out to a new generation of BT employees to position the company as a one of the most exciting and innovative places to work.

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