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Take A Second (compilation)
Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group’s Diversity and Inclusion team commissioned us to make ‘Take A Second’. Understanding that despite all the mechanisms in place, workplace friction still persists, and was recognised as a brake on success. This mandatory video-led programme was made to educate every employee in the Group. It had a simple aim: be more mindful of other people’s feelings, no matter how much pressure you’re under and together we can make this a better and more inclusive place to work for everyone.

Anti-Competitive Behaviour (Part 3)

PwC required a film that outlined the consequences of anti-competitive behaviour. It was used to raise awareness of how anti-competitive behaviour may occur and the pitfalls surrounding it.

PME – Change Intro

HSBC is changing how it delivers management training, and creating a library of online resources – People Manager Essentials. Each topic is headed by a hero film designed to introduce the subject and deliver some top-level training – this film heads the topic on how to manage colleagues during change. Further resources such as roleplays, downloadable guides, explainer animations and so on fill out each topic.

PME – So You Think You Can Coach?

This film was part of a series of films for HSBC to support a training course around best practice in coaching for new managers at the bank.

We used comedy to help promote best practice whilst understanding the context of the situation and not being unnecessarily castigatory towards the character guilty of ‘bad practice’.

PME 3 – Best Practice – Resolving Conflict

This is a role play as part of the Resolving Conflict module. We wanted to broaden out the nature of the films to include a key part of the employee group, so we shot this in Traditional Chinese and it was subtitled for an international audience.

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