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Sean Brennan at Centrica

Here are a selection of our films

Lifesaving Rules – Driving
Network Rail

New rules barred people from using mobile devices, even hands-free, while driving. This received a lot of push back.  Our film aims to get inside people’s heads and make them understand how dangerous this behaviour can be and the devastating potential consequences to themselves and others.

Additional Engineering – The Log Book

Is it OK? is a completely fresh take on Mandatory Learning around Risk for Openreach engineers. This film was part of a follow up project where we created supplementary docu dramas looking at two key areas of Risk: impartiality to Communication Providers and (this one) Respect for Customer’s details.

Is it Okay? – Cybersecurity

This is one of a series of films for BT Managers looking at different areas of Risk. Our client wanted something short, sharp and distinctive that would stay in the people’s memory and help shape their behaviour.

Ask Twice
Network Rail

Network Rail were launching a campaign to communicate Mental Wellness to their business. Their goal was to bring understanding to mental wellbeing and its importance, while educating their audience to be aware of the potential signs and symptoms of someone suffering with their mental health.

Who are You Going to Stay Safe for?
UK Power Networks

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with UK Power Networks, producing powerful health & safety films (as part of their ongoing campaign, ‘Stay Safe’) that show the consequences results of not following safety procedures.

Here we went with a creative approach that moved away from the direct consequences of not following safety regulations.  Instead, we see the people who can get left behind, and ask a simple but powerful question to the audience: Who are you going to stay safe for?

Social Media
Network Rail

Social media is something which most people now use as a part of their personal lives. As a result Network Rail felt it necessary to produce and implement a series of rules with regards to social media and the workplace.

These policies are extensive, and this film needed to convey the key messages in a way that grabs the audience’s attention. We used kinetic text as a way of achieving this – condensing the material and highlighting the key messages in a succinct way.

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