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Simon Hardaker - AWE

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Code Of Conduct: How We Use Social Media

We created this film as part of an elearning course we produced that aimed to reinforce the behaviours set out in the PwC Code of Conduct.

This film shows the world of pain that’s just a careless click away on social media.

Deutsche Bank

Part of a wider series to promote cyber safety, this film focuses on Passwords and what Deutsche Bank employees can do to minimise risk and stay safe online.

Cyber Security. Evolved.

It needed to convey how they take a functional, practical approach using proven methodologies and strict protocols to help companies combat of this increasingly sophisticated threat.

The film was launched externally, initially at Davos (The World Economic Forum) to a very senior audience, targeting senior chief executives, business and government leaders, before being placed on YouTube as part of a viral campaign and sent out to clients and businesses worldwide.

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