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Acciona – Cristina Marinas

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Children of the World [Trailer]
King Abdulaziz Center For World Culture
Museum [E]
Arriyadh Development Authority

The ADA required a world class promotional film to not only bring alive the plans for the site’s redevelopment, but also to raise the cultural awareness of the historic site, inspiring the generations to come so that they can connect their past with the present.

The site – designed to be an open air museum – will allow visitors to explore the site in depth, with galleries set within transparent structures of the original palaces that will celebrate the rich Saudi heritage. At night, Al-Diri’yah will come alive with multimedia, sound & light shows.

Our film takes the audience on a journey through time – from the past to the future – leaving the audiences with a sense of pride and excitement, and feeling inspired about the plans for Al Dir’iyah.

Saving Joules

Mishkat lead the way in atomic energy to ensure the best possible use of Saudi Arabia’s abundant energy resources.

To power this innovation, they need talented and passionate Saudi Arabian’s to lead the charge. They needed to find a way of inspiring the youth to be the energy innovators of tomorrow.

To help persuade the Saudi Arabian youth, Mishkat commissioned ‘Saving Joule’! The film was directed towards children between the ages of 6 and 10, and was showcased in their auditorium and online – shorts/clips.

‘Strength in Agility’ – BOD 2016
Saudi Aramco

The primary purpose of each year’s event is to promote good relations between Saudi Aramco and the host nation (as well as other Asian countries) and show appreciation of the special relationships they have. 2016’s event took place in Tokyo, and our film needed to focus on the event’s theme of ‘Strength in Agility’ and incorporated the event’s logo – a tiger amongst bamboo.

Our key creative idea was a highly original CGI Origami treatment. Paper is regarded as delicate, but the irony is that it is flexible enough to be folded into a myriad of shapes to convey the qualities connected to strength in agility – and how Saudi Aramco makes the world more mobile, productive, meaningful.

The treatment is a subtle, elegant nod to Japanese culture, and allowed us to graphically treat live-action footage using high-end CGI techniques to creatively amplify ‘the origami effect’ in a number of diverse and visually memorable ways. Through real origami artistry and CGI techniques, we created a stunning visual world in which reality meets fantasy and showcasing the core theme: Strength in Agility.

Yasref Signing Film (Animation)
Saudi Aramco

The joint venture, called Yasref, is a refining company located in Yanbu (in the Western Province of Saudi Arabia). This is an exciting development in the co-working between the two companies that will have a positive impact on the Western Region and local communities, as well as the Kingdom’s economy as a whole.

Saudi Aramco needed to present a film as a central part of the signing ceremony. Our solution brought these themes – the longstanding Sino-Saudi relationship, the economic benefits of Yasref – together into a creative and memorable film.

JOUD – Trailer
Saudi Aramco

A 1-hour feature documentary film produced entirely in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, JOUD uses an experimental story structure derived from a pre-Islamic form of poetry, the Qasida : “an ancient poem for modern times”.

Filmed entirely within the Kingdom, the film journeys deep within the soul and fabric of an experience often hidden to the outside world.

Our hand-picked creative team filmed on location for 6 months, working with local cast and crew.

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