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Here are a selection of our films.

Campaign to End Loneliness
HAVAS Just::

HAVAS Just:: has a long tradition of charitable support and this is further encouraged by their latest campaign with charity Campaign to End Loneliness. They believe that people of all ages need connections that matter. There are nine million lonely people in the UK and four million of them are older people. Many older people find constant loneliness hardest to overcome. They lack the friendship and support we all need. Working to inspire organisations and people to do more to tackle loneliness they ensure that those most at risk of loneliness are reached and supported. In today’s society, the majority of people are plugged into their phones. This means the simple things we could be doing to tackle loneliness such as smiling at someone or saying ‘hello’ are not happening. Our opportunities to make connections are slowly eroded as loneliness increases. We had to remind people of how important these simple moments are and how we must value them. We used comedy and laughter in the film to disrupt, disarm and bring people together.

Guardian Service

The Guardian Service is the UK’s leading provider of independent and confidential staff liaison services, supporting staff at all levels to speak up on workplace issues. They help organisations of all sizes and their employees navigate together through today’s evolving challenges. Their insights support leaders to proactively and positively address issues early, benefiting staff relations, performance and finances – and protecting wider reputation

International Men’s Day 2020
Standard Chartered

Since the start of the global pandemic in 2020, we have unfortunately seen a shadow pandemic of domestic violence and abuse cases. Acknowledging this harsh reality, Standard Chartered wants to support colleagues experiencing domestic violence and abuse and so launched a Global Standard – with the key objective of formally protecting the wellbeing and safety of colleagues.

The film had to have a global reach so we chose to develop a story which visually illustrated the concept without the use of dialogue so that the same film could be used across all the countries the bank operates in.

The hard hitting and visibly shocking nature of the film has given others insight into what domestic violence and abuse can really mean for those experiencing it.

The impact of the film cannot be simply measured in the number of views – but should be measured on the life changing support it has highlighted and how it has so brilliantly demonstrated that an organisation can take a stand to protect the wellbeing of those that work there.

Workplace Violence [Trailer]

Openreach’s Safety Director asked us to look at the subject of workplace violence in the home. Their engineers spend a lot of time in customers’ homes and the threat of violence is a real one which has increased significantly under lockdown – with more people stuck at home and broadband becoming even more important.

The film was commissioned as part of a larger learning course. There was an existing e-learn on the topic, but it was dry, drab and unimpressive. We were keen to demonstrate the power of film in learning and deliver effective, memorable learning on an important topic.

The idea was to create a realistic scenario to catch learners’ attention and to model good and bad behaviors. We aimed to deliver solid learning content in a way that was easy to digest. Some people are able to diffuse difficult situations with ease – it’s a skill and one that can be taught. In a situation of physical threat, higher thinking goes out of the window; we needed to deliver practical advice and take-outs, which would stick and be easily recalled. We needed it to be credible above all – a situation familiar to every learner and a set of responses from all the characters that felt real.

Black Cloud – Cutdown
Network Rail

Based on conversations with real Network Rail employees, Network Rail discovered that a significant numbers of their employees are subject to health and wellness risks around their physical, psychological and social wellbeing. Depression is looked at as the hardest risk to address, because Network Rail like most organizations does not have an open culture around the subject.

The ultimate purpose of the ‘Black Cloud’ film was to help change perceptions, remove the stigma associated to depression and offer company support to those feeling vulnerable. They wanted people to feel they are not alone.

Kone – Mental Health Awareness – Escalator

As part of Kone’s campaign to remove the stigma of living with mental health issues, we created a short, simple visual metaphor to represent someone’s battle with depression. Our aim here was not to trivialize, but to simplify, giving the audience a starting point for a conversation.

Sleeping and Breathing

Kone approached us to produce a series of videos for their ‘Elevate Your Health’ campaign. These were promoted across the company to support employee’s physical, mental and social health.

Ask Twice
Network Rail

Network Rail were launching a campaign to communicate Mental Wellness to their business. Their goal was to bring understanding to mental wellbeing and its importance, while educating their audience to be aware of the potential signs and symptoms of someone suffering with their mental health.

Time to Support Part 1 (Cutdown)
Network Rail

This was part of the same learning project as Ask Twice, training Managers to more effectively manage their direct reports with regards to Mental Wellbeing. This is one of two roleplays which play out the same scenario in two different ways. This first one is used early in the training and shows how even with good intentions you can make things worse. The follow up comes later in the course to show Managers what good looks like.

Resilience (Clip)

Part of a broad learning programme, Leading Self, which developed personal and team-working skills to new joiners in HSBC worldwide. We produced around a dozen films to introduce key strands in the programme and deliver particular learning points.

This film was co-created and filmed by HSBC colleagues from around the world. We planned out what we needed and provided straightforward instructions, they filmed on smartphones and tablets and we edited the raw material they sent. Each of our participants were asked to share how they stayed resilient in a fast-moving environment and talk about the benefits that doing so delivered.

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