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A selection of films from The Edge.


Taking Risk seriously is essential in Professional Services. How can we get people to see it as an enabler rather than always as a barrier?

The EY Experience

EY wanted a film to help communicate the ‘Exceptional EY Experience’ and all it has to offer. We made a film that places the audience at the centre of this idea and filmed EY people delivering the People Promise speech directly to camera in EY environments.


EY were introducing a new risk management tool, called PACE, Process for Acceptance and Client Engagement. They required a film to promote and explain what the tool does.

Better Begins With You – Camilla Glennon

EY commissioned a film for each of the 20 finalists nominated for their peer-based global awards programme. This film follows the story of Camilla Glennon.

Global Talent Hub

Within EY the Global Talent Hub was an under-used resource. This film was created to ensure employees were aware of its potential, and cost-effectiveness, so it could be fully utilised as part of staff allocation for client engagements.


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