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Doron Wijker - UK Power Networks

Please see a selection of our films as discussed in our proposal.

Moment of Truth
National Grid

In September 2009 National Grid UK Gas Distribution launched ‘Moment of Truth’ a short film created to engage the hearts and minds of their employees.

The film highlights the importance of the work they do and the extent to which a customer’s experience of doing business with National Grid is impacted by the attitude and approach of its people.

Treating Customers Like Family

Scottish & Southern Energy are an energy company who supply electric, gas, home services and telecoms to people in a reliable and sustainable way.

To create a step change in Service, SSE has launched an internal campaign around the idea of treating Customers as Family. They want employees to think ‘who in my family is this person like (mother, brother, grandmother etc.)?’, then shape their behaviour accordingly.

This in turn creates amazing experiences. The film to bring this idea to life is closely based on real incidents, with actors playing customers but all SSE employees involved in the stories playing themselves.

Who are You Going to Stay Safe for?
UK Power Networks

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with UK Power Networks, producing powerful health & safety films (as part of their ongoing campaign, ‘Stay Safe’) that show the consequences results of not following safety procedures.

Here we went with a creative approach that moved away from the direct consequences of not following safety regulations.  Instead, we see the people who can get left behind, and ask a simple but powerful question to the audience: Who are you going to stay safe for?

Keeping The Lights On

This is a brand film for UKPN based on the theme of ‘Keeping The Lights On’

UK Power Networks

We made this short film to highlight the margins that can mean life or death for UK Power Networks engineers – and how the odds can so easily get shortened by so many seemingly inconsequential things.

Featuring real staff who were at the centre of a real-life 50/50 moment, the film calls on everyone at UK Power Networks to take that extra time to make sure everyone takes all measures possible to prevent people getting killed or injured.

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