Arriyadh Development Authority

Glorious Past. Bright Future.


As the capital of the First Saudi State, the old town of Arriyadh played a major role in shaping the present day culture of the Kingdom. It was the seat of power and the peninsula’s unification.

Recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site, today Arriyadh lays in ruins. However, current renovation overseen by the Arriyadh Development Authority will turn the historic site into a world-class open air museum, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Saudi nation.  

We were commissioned by the ADA to make a short inspirational documentary charting the history of Arriyadh – both its historical importance and the museum’s future significance.  The film was shown to the Saudi Royal family as well as the general public to raise awareness of the project and create excitement.

A film produced to showcase the historic Arriyadh site and its development.