Brand Film


This film used carefully selected footage combined with a strong narrative voiceover. The voiceover used simple, straightforward but lyrical language to explore the idea that there are two aspects to what NATS do: Keeping the skies safe, Advancing aviation,  and to tell the story of an amazing organisation – who they are, what they’ve achieved so far and what the future holds.

The footage aligned the NATS vision as laid out by the voiceover with relevant imagery – expressing their two sides – and was edited together to create one compelling and flowing narrative to dramatise who they are and what they do.

The footage shows NATS people at work, new technological advances and systems, and the human needs they serve. This narrative technique creates a bold film that instils a real sense of pride in the expertise, scope, ambition and service that’s at the heart of what NATS do.

After delivery, the client shared – “as a NATS employee of over 10 years I felt my spine tingle watching the videos and will be very proud to share with family and friends”.

NATS required a new brand film as part of their major brand refresh to signal they were changing, and to re-invigorate their employees and instil in them a real sense of pride.