Children of the World

Children of The World – Kenya


An extensive and thorough pre-production phase ensured successful casting of each child and subsequent shoot. We worked closely with local fixers to identify a shortlist of children and through finding out about each of the kids, their lives, hobbies, daily routine, family, interests and so on, we built up a comprehensive, real and engaging storyline for their film. This information and relationship building was invaluable and formed the basis of our storyboard and scripts, which were approved by the children and the families before going to the client for sign off.

We spent time with each child and their families prior to filming, building trust and confidence and it gave us chance to recce all the locations and spot further filming opportunities for the film, or problem solve on the ground.

When filming, along with the conversational interview, we also had our contributor read the through (audio only), which helped in the edit to relieve transitions and give structure to the film if it was missing from the interviews.

‘Children of The World’ is a ground-breaking suite of short films focusing on a day in the life of children from locations around the world.

These films, produced in the UK and shot in 17 international locations, from Costa Rica to Nepal; the Philippines to Brazil; New Zealand to Russia and beyond, deliver a privileged insight into the real lives of children between the ages of 9 and 13 years old. The films provide the viewer with a fascinating, engaging and vibrant insight into the similarities and differences of the children and their lives.