HVDC – 60 Years


The wife of the late Uno Lamm: the father of High Voltage Direct Current – describes the atmosphere when the tests finally worked and the technology was proven. She talks about her husband‘s determination as a scientist and as an ambitious man tirelessly campaigning internally and achieving funding and promotion of his idea.

An interview with Gunnar Asplund: the inventor of HVDC light – which meant transmission of energy under water and across long distances – opens a window to the mind of a genius, talking about what he was interested in as a child as well as about the challenges and the freedom ABB granted brilliant minds like his.

Jurgen Hafner: electrical engineer and the inventor of the HVDC breaker, which enabled more control of the current with minimum losses and made a multi-national electricity network possible,  talks about the encouraging culture of ABB to work out issues and come up with solutions, as well as partnerships – his wife is also an engineer in the department.

Gunnar Flisberg: talks about the transmission business through the years and about his time selling the idea to governments and nations around the world. He also explains ABB’s investment in new brilliant minds, their collaboration with Universities and the openness in sharing ideas and technology with passion and excitement.

A film about the 60 year anniversary of the invention and a tribute to the key players in the development of a technology the world relies on daily: High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC).