Standard Chartered

International Men’s Day 2020


Since the start of the global pandemic in 2020, we have unfortunately seen a shadow pandemic of domestic violence and abuse cases. Acknowledging this harsh reality, Standard Chartered wants to support colleagues experiencing domestic violence and abuse and so launched a Global Standard – with the key objective of formally protecting the wellbeing and safety of colleagues.

The film had to have a global reach so we chose to develop a story which visually illustrated the concept without the use of dialogue so that the same film could be used across all the countries the bank operates in.

The hard hitting and visibly shocking nature of the film has given others insight into what domestic violence and abuse can really mean for those experiencing it.

The impact of the film cannot be simply measured in the number of views – but should be measured on the life changing support it has highlighted and how it has so brilliantly demonstrated that an organisation can take a stand to protect the wellbeing of those that work there.