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London Gateway


This documentary film combines the story of two sites developed by London Gateway to meet the legislative requirement to compensate for habitat lost in the development of the London Gateway Port..

Filming took place at both the Salt Fleet Flats and Stanford Wharf sites to show the reclaimed environments and their use by local residents and the benefits to flora and fauna.

The aim was to show the responsible way in which London Gateway met its habitat compensation  legal requirements and actually delivered more than mandated .  The film shows the positive  impact on the environment and key members of both London Gateway and The Environment explain the history and legacy of the works undertaken in both sites North and South of the Thames Estuary.

To tell the story behind the changes to the environment in the Thames estuary as a result of building the London Gateway port and why two sites (Stanford Wharf, Essex and Salt Fleet Flats , Kent were developed as part of the initiative required by The Environment Agency to compensate for the environmental impact of building the London Gateway Port on the north bank of the Thames estuary.