Ray Kroc Awards 2014


McDonald’s have an annual award ceremony to identify and celebrate their top 75 managers in Europe. There is an event for the winners and their immediate teams and this film was created as the closer to the live event.
The client wanted to feature every one of the winners, but to film in 75 restaurants across 24 countries would have been too expensive. So our solution was to create a user-generated animation. We put together an illustrated pack clearly highlighting all of the elements that each contributor required, and then supported them closely through the process. The response from the winners was terrific and we have a final film with ALL of the winner’s participating in the film. We’ve included input from families, regional managers and restaurant teams to create an emotional celebration of what it means to be a Ray Kroc Winner.

Winners of Ray Kroc Awards across Europe submit footage filmed with their teams and families to create and endearing film with an uplifting commercial track