Swim4Life is part of Change4Life – a society-wide movement that encourages everyone to make changes to their diet and activity levels in order to reverse the growing trend of obesity and obesity-related illnesses.

Children really enjoy swimming, but parents need to get involved to make swimming a regular part of their child’s life.  This resource reinforces the importance of exercise and provides practical guidance by suggesting exercises and games they can do with kids of all abilities.

This film is primarily targeted at parents with younger children (0-11) and those who are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant.  The DVDs are included within a printed pack of the Swim4Life toolkit for partners.  The call-to-action film and the some of the 11 films showing easy-to-learn games are all accessed through the change4life website.

The government is trying to encourage long-term healthier behaviour in children, with research showing that weight gain at a young age often leading to adult obesity. We were commissioned to produce this film to highlight the benefits of regular exercise to children.