Weill Cornell Medical – Qatar

Project Greenhouse


WCM-Q have been installing Greenhouses in schools throughout Qatar, as an extension to the ‘Your Health First’ initiative, encouraging the population to live a healthy lifestyle. The idea behind the greenhouses was to capture the students’ enthusiasm – if they grew healthy vegetables, they would want to eat them, and they requested a film which would explain the initiative.

We created a documentary style film, showing everything from a greenhouse being installed at a school, to young girls planting seeds and describing how they felt to watch them grow, to teenage boys speaking about the convenience of fast food vs eating healthily.

We interviewed government ministers and the Presidents of two Oil and Gas companies (who sponsor the project) on the impact this project will have, not only on the children, but on the country as a whole, as a new generation are engaged in producing vegetables, illustrated by filming at one of Qatar’s rapidly expanding vegetable farms.