20th Anniversary


Edited together with a specially recorded professional voiceover and a piece of inspirational background music, we created the film with a deliberate and distinctly Japanese artistic look. We did this by devising an innovative graphic/animation style that used traditional Japanese painting and calligraphy to dramatic visual effect.

Primarily devised to bring to life the ’20 year timeline’ to mark the first ever delivery of LNG to Japan in 1997 via Al Zubarah, the timeline exists as a continuously-moving line to depict the incredible journey that Japan and Qatar have been on together since that day.

The on-screen animations are visually supplemented by a 1-day shoot with a Japanese artist, capturing shots of parchment paper, artist hands, paint mixing in water, brush strokes, key dates, abstract shots of tanker – all of which are cleverly integrated with our Qatargas live-action pictures, bringing the ’20 year journey’ timeline to life in a memorable manner.


This is a film to mark the 20 Year anniversary of the relationship between Qatargas and the Japanese Investors/Buyers.