Kew Gardens

Breathing Planet


The film tells the story of how Kew is helping to conserve the plant kingdom across the world.  Our creative approach centred on the use of statistics, first to arrest the attention of the audience with some shocking figures about global warming and plant extinction.  We then moved to a more positive tone by outlining the vast number of projects Kew runs.  Combined together, these two approaches really stayed in the mind of the viewer.

Specially shot material was combined with material from a variety of different sources.  Despite this variety we were aiming to produce a film that was consistent in style and had a clear, connecting thread – all to a limited budget.  Images were combined in a way that was thought-provoking and illuminating.  The focus was as much upon people as plants, and by showing the various activities and projects with business partners in places like Burkina Faso and Madagascar along with imagery of The Jodrell Laboratory, The Herbarium and the Millennium Seedbank we were really able to communicate the breadth of Kew activities.

We needed to inspire a highly intelligent audience to become partners with Kew. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew hosted a key event for leaders in business and government and they required an inspirational film to show at the occasion to help forge long-term relationships, to motivate the audience and provoke them into taking further action in partnership with Kew on issues such as climate change and sustaining eco-systems.