Saudi Aramco

‘Strength in Agility’ – BOD 2016


The primary purpose of each year’s event is to promote good relations between Saudi Aramco and the host nation (as well as other Asian countries) and show appreciation of the special relationships they have. 2016’s event took place in Tokyo, and our film needed to focus on the event’s theme of ‘Strength in Agility’ and incorporated the event’s logo – a tiger amongst bamboo.

Our key creative idea was a highly original CGI Origami treatment. Paper is regarded as delicate, but the irony is that it is flexible enough to be folded into a myriad of shapes to convey the qualities connected to strength in agility – and how Saudi Aramco makes the world more mobile, productive, meaningful.

The treatment is a subtle, elegant nod to Japanese culture, and allowed us to graphically treat live-action footage using high-end CGI techniques to creatively amplify ‘the origami effect’ in a number of diverse and visually memorable ways. Through real origami artistry and CGI techniques, we created a stunning visual world in which reality meets fantasy and showcasing the core theme: Strength in Agility.

The annual Saudi Aramco Board of Directors dinner is a high-profile social gathering attended by customers, suppliers, partners, dignitaries, and stakeholders of VVIP standing.