The Message Cloud


Our solution was to break down the video into three clear parts: Part One focused on the current world of Big Data market research, and the inherent problems in entails (wrangling data, and processing); Part Two featured a very high spec Drama sequence, of a hip and trendy girl shopping in an international shopping setting, and using the App to her advantage, by getting great deals and push notifications; Part Three simply rounded up the film, and plots the advances made were the investors to option SmartFocus.
The client’s aim was to launch this technology with a glossy, impactful and thought-provoking piece of film, to be used Online and at events for one calendar year.

The Edge to created a video showcasing SmartFocus' new technology. It’s essentially App technology that enables companies to gather / monitor user history and shopping patterns to effectively channel direct and concise marketing to said end-user. The user gets great offers / marketing initiatives; the company garners data to maximise profits… and everyone is happy.