Lloyds Banking Group

You’re Invited


Our idea was to convey both that sense of anticipation and the feeling of inclusion. Colleagues are being invited to the ‘Big Debate’ in the first instance, but beyond that, they are being invited to the future. We’ve done this by tapping into colleagues’ own life experiences (and those of customers) to help them relate to the message: Let’s get ready for the future together. Our film captures that moment of delight when you receive an invitation. We’ve focused on the precise moment where they open the invitation and the emotion it evokes. Surprise, joy, anticipation or reminiscence.

Lloyds Bank commissioned us to make a film showing them poised on the brink of something new - uncertain and daunting for some colleagues but also an exciting time where great things are possible. Our film was made to make them feel inspired and empowered, demonstrating that they have a major part to play in shaping the future of the bank.