July 2017
Oman Air - Banner


We were approached by Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE Media) to partner with them and produce a live-action safety film for Oman Air, Oman’s flag carrier airline, to be shown to passengers during pre-flight routines on aircraft across their fleet serving their international routes.

We developed a concept that delivered vital in-flight safety instructions in a cinematic way whilst simultaneously showcasing the natural beauty of Oman, the personality and warmth of its people, and provide a sample of its unique culture.

Rather than locating the on-screen instructions within the interior of one of Oman Air’s aircraft, we based the film around a central character travelling across Oman, and follow her as she journeys to landmarks and places of interest across the country.  At each point, instructions for each key safety feature are delivered, supported by stylish superimposed graphics to create an airplane-like environment cleverly set within Oman’s picturesque landscape.

Click here to check out the film.