Once we’ve finished producing a video and it’s been uploaded to YouTube and shared on your social channels for the whole world to see, our involvement often doesn’t end there. Our team of digital marketing experts use their knowledge, contacts, and skill to implement a bespoke strategy to spread your video and make sure your target audience are watching it, talking about it, engaging with it, and sharing it.

Here are some of the techniques we use to ensure the maximum exposure of your video to reach your target audience and increase ROI:

A Targeted Approach

We research the blogs, websites, and influencers who fit within the target audience of the video. We take the time to understand where your audience spends their time online to ensure we speak to the right people to secure coverage and get your content in front of them.

We have a decade of experience building relationships with bloggers and writers who we contact and encourage to embed and write about content as well as share on social media. We can also secure placements on high-traffic websites or niche blogs depending on who you’re looking to reach.

We used this approach very effectively when seeding the trailer for our first feature film, JOUD. We built a list of blogs and websites in areas such as film, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, and travel, and contacted the sites with information on the film, images, and the press release. We secured coverage on a number of sites including High on Films, Films for Action, and Flux Magazine to reach two million monthly visitors.



Social Sharing

We have a network of social media pages and influencers who we work with regularly to share content. Depending on the campaign, we can ask pages to share your original upload from your page, or we can offer the video file to pages to upload directly.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts are a great way to encourage sharing and engagement. We can also boost posts on social media to further reach your target audience.

As part of our International Women’s Day campaign for IRC, we contacted pages on social media and encouraged them to share the content. We secured posts on A Plus, Films for Action, and Act Responsible amongst many others, reaching more than three million followers.




Promoting to a New Audience

Seeding and sharing on social media are great ways to gain exposure and engagement on your video, but to help find a new audience and increase the view count, we also use YouTube promotion. By running the video as a pre-roll on YouTube and optimizing the targeting, we can guarantee that it will be seen – a view isn’t counted until the video has been watched for at least 30 seconds.

With YouTube promotion, we use a variety of targeting methods, including topics/interests, age, location, sex, parent/non-parent, and keywords. This ensures that we only reach the audience you want to see the video.

We used YouTube promotion to boost the second trailer for JOUD, enabling us to find a new audience. We targeted a range of keywords and interests, including meditation and the meaning of life. The promotion achieved over 215,000 views, with more than 50% of all viewers watching the entire duration of the trailer.




A Strategic Mix

Using a combination of seeding, social sharing, and promotion is just the catalyst a video needs to find its audience.  Get in touch at and we can prepare a strategy to help your video get seen by the right people.

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