In this recent film roundup we’re highlighting our animated Youth Employability film for McDonald’s that addresses the youth unemployment and highlights their partnership with the International Youth Foundation. Identity, a film for software-building systems company Pinn, is showing how advanced AI can improve identity security and ASTAD’s new brand film provides a unique insight into the talent behind 10-years of award-winning construction for companies such as the National Museum of Qatar.

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McDonald’s – Youth Employability

It’s a sad truth that young people worldwide are finding themselves stuck in unemployment and perpetually struggling to get out of it.

Everyone deserves to be given a chance to unlock their talents and prove their abilities, no matter their social or educational background. McDonald’s have partnered with the International Youth Foundation to construct a programme for millions of people, designed to teach them the specific skills and tools they need to get their foot in the workplace.

This poignant animation explains how they’re helping young people to create a promising future, providing them with confidence through encouragement to flourish and succeed.

At the recent Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards that took place earlier this year, this film won a Gold award in the Fairs, Shows, Events & Conference Openers sector.

Watch McDonald’s – Youth Employability

Pinn – Identity

The world is facing an identity crisis.

Facial, voice, and fingerprint recognition are all revolutionary forms of technology – but should they be relied on as the sole method of smartphone verification?

Stranger things have happened than people unlocking devices that don’t belong to them using Face ID, despite the 1 in 1,000,000 chance of it being possible.

Pinn’s aim as a software-building systems company is to help solve this problem using machine attestation and advanced artificial intelligence. By picking up on individual device sensors based on a combination of the owner’s physical and behavioural attributes, you’d be hard-pushed to beat the system.

The film proudly received two awards this year at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards this year: a Gold award in Marketing Communications B2B and a Black Dolphin Craft Award for Best Animation & Graphics.

Here’s Pinn introducing their innovative new start-up brand, designed to excite and inspire.

Watch Pinn – Identity

ASTAD – Brand Film

ASTAD have been delivering award-winning constructions for over 10 years through their team of 800 dedicated employees. With the passion and meticulous planning that goes into their procedure strategy, it’s no surprise that their projects are so impressive.

From initial programme management to design and all the way through to facility management, they’ve helped supervise the entire process of advanced architectural sites over a diverse range of renowned companies, including the National Museum of Qatar, Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, Lusail Sports Arena, and Al Shaqab Equestrian Centre.

This brand film gives a unique insight into the talent behind the works, showcasing a selection of state-of-the-art products designed thanks to ASTAD’s contribution.

Watch ASTAD – Brand Film

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