Alzheimer’s App


It is estimated that the number of Alzheimer’s patients in low and middle-income countries will increase at a higher rate than those in high-income countries – so finding solutions that are cost-effective is key.

Far faster than drug trials, Roche is turning to technology to find solutions. They have developed a new app to help caregivers through the overwhelming experience of supporting a family member through Alzheimer’s. Roche is a leading body in developing efficient, simple ways to help those affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

This film tells the story of Anna and her mother Marta, who is a late-stage Alzheimer’s patient. We join Anna, burdened, overwhelmed and lonely, caught in a cycle of care that isn’t helping either of them. She discovers the app and is recharged.

Features like the GPS tracking tool, voice-enabled home assist, and personalised online community are able to improve the quality of both their lives. Through discovering the app Anna is able to reclaim her life, and Marta can enjoy more independence.

9.9 million people are diagnosed with dementia each year. Building on the 50 million people already living with it, a shockingly small amount of research has been done on the disease.