The British Army

The Grim Reaper


Army personnel are almost 3 times as likely to die in a Road Traffic Accident as members of the general population – accidents that affect their families, and the morale of their communities. The British Army needed a film that would bring this worrying statistic into the spotlight. The aim of this film was to get a tough target audience – young men used to taking risks in highly dangerous surroundings – to think again. It needed to make them aware of the dangers they face outside of their military environment and change their behaviour.

The film was for all army personnel returning from deployment or going home on leave (mostly from Iraq or Afghanistan), and is still in use today. Key targets are young men between the ages of 18-35, typically personnel in the lower ranks. It won many gold awards at the New York Festivals in 2008 as well as at the IVCA Awards in the same year, including the prestigious Grand Prix award.

Made for the British Army and the benefit of army personnel and their families the Grim Reaper has resulted in 25% fewer Army personnel deaths on the road.