National Crime Agency

Illegal Firearms TVC


Although crimes involving firearms are typically rare in the UK, there has always been a concern around illegal firearms getting into the hands of gang members and the impact this can have on the public. But there is now significantly increased terrorist threat, where a motivated individual sets out to cause as many deaths injuries to as many ordinary people as possible. This makes the risks of a single illegal weapon falling into the wrong hands exponentially higher.

To help fight against this on-going problem, the NCA needed a powerful film to support their new campaign aimed at tackling illegal firearms in the UK. The film is designed to specifically target women to help encourage them to contact Crime stoppers if they have any knowledge of the possession and/or whereabouts of illegal arms.  NCA recognised that reporting of these incidents was extremely difficult, and so we found a way to appeal to the viewers conscience, helping them take that next step in making a difference.

Organised crime and cyber-crime are some of the greatest threats to national security and at present there are over 5,500 organised crime groups impacting on the UK.