Youth Employability


‘Youth Employability’ was aimed at attendees of the McDonald’s worldwide convention in Orlando which happens every other year. This brings together 1500 leaders (senior management, franchisees, and owners) and is the key event in their calendar. It is a large-scale US-style event full of razzmatazz.

The film was designed to take a complex subject and turn it into a memorable human story. When it was shown at the event, there was a silence and a tangible emotional effect on the audience. It connected with this tough audience in terms both of head and heart – as intended.

2 years ago, the Global HR Director flagged the enormous hiring challenges on the horizon for McDonald’s around the world as birth-rates fall. This time, he wanted to present an ambitious new Youth Employability initiative as part of the solution to this significant problem. More than this, he wanted to cut through the noise of the event and get delegates to stop and think.