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Lifesaving Rules – Driving
Network Rail

New rules barred people from using mobile devices, even hands-free, while driving. This received a lot of push back.  Our film aims to get inside people’s heads and make them understand how dangerous this behaviour can be and the devastating potential consequences to themselves and others.

Mike Mack – Commitments

In 2013, Syngenta launched their Six Commitments – a new set of principles that they wanted to place at the core of their business in the drive to ensure food security for the entire world.

To support this launch, we were commissioned to film a new film featuring Mike Mack – the company’s CEO – which would lay out the commitments, and demonstrate how important they are to both the future of Syngenta, and the future of the entire planet.

You Poo Too
Thames Tideway Tunnel

Led by our young presenter, we learn the facts about the project and how the Tunnel is going to lead to a brighter, cleaner future for the whole of London. This film has been instrumental in educating the public about the facts surrounding the project, and clarify any misconceptions people might have. In addition to the main film, we also produced a teaser film which was launched on the Thames Tideway Tunnel’s various social media platforms.

Apprentices – Lauren Cyster

One of a series of 20 user generated films: 10 covering core roles where there is a real focus on recruitment and 10 Apprentice Stories. The latter aim to overcome misconceptions of BT and instead reach out to a new generation of BT employees to position the company as a one of the most exciting and innovative places to work.

Ask Yourself

Deloitte believe in an environment in which their people are recognised and respected for their own strengths, values and perspectives. They believe that it’s only within such an environment that employees can truly be at their best.

To this end, they’re working hard to ensure they provide a working environment where everyone feels able to be themselves and can thrive, develop and succeed.  Creating an inclusive environment is not a challenge unique to Deloitte; by uploading the film to YouTube and allowing people to share it with others Deloitte hope to inspire them on their own journeys of respect and inclusion.

To date the film has been viewed over 228,000 on YouTube and has won a multitude of major film festival awards.

Behind The Barr

This film was designed to introduce Keith Barr, IHG’s new CEO, on his first day in a friendly and informal manner.

Pertemba (Trailer)

This is a cutdown trailer from a longer film made for Barclays, illustrating the power of the Premier League and the impact it has on breaking down borders.

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