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Amber Topalcik, Veet

A selection of films from The Edge.

Gratifier vs. Lover

We produced this short film to help support RB’s Durex road-show, and help bring alive marketing presentations. The primary purpose was to show the difference in sexual habits between ‘gratifiers’ and ‘lovers’, and then follow this with a more detailed examination of ‘lovers’ and their mind-set.

Our solution was to draw on an engaging visual style that presents facts in a very accessible, humorous way. We wanted the film to feel energetic, dynamic, thought-provoking, and playful, inviting the audience to think about sexual drivers and people’s preferences. We developed a caption-driven narrative to which we matched archive imagery to reflect key parts of the script in a tongue-in-cheek manner, before adding an upbeat music track to round off the whole piece.

Spirit of LYCRA
Nokia – 150th Anniversary (Cutdown)

Consisting of archive material only, this video is a sequence of shots interlinked with graphically placed questions and client logo. Global cities and cultures are intertwined with graphical text for “a world in motion!”

Changing the Digital Landscape
Telefónica Digital

This film had to portray the spark and vitality of Telefónica’s business, present Telefónica as a radical and innovative company and an exciting place to work.  Their time was short – so we needed to be as agile and inventive as possible.  The end result is a fast-moving visual creative, with a fluid and clear narrative cut to an upbeat piece of music.


We Are – Nuveen

We aimed to create an exciting and contemporary film that tells Nuveen’s story from the beginning- how they got to where they are and where they aim to go. The end result was a stylish, engaging film that combined library footage, engaging animation, and kinetic typography to clever effect.

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