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Here are a selection of our films

Who are You Going to Stay Safe for?
UK Power Networks

We’ve had a long-standing relationship with UK Power Networks, producing powerful health & safety films (as part of their ongoing campaign, ‘Stay Safe’) that show the consequences results of not following safety procedures.

Here we went with a creative approach that moved away from the direct consequences of not following safety regulations.  Instead, we see the people who can get left behind, and ask a simple but powerful question to the audience: Who are you going to stay safe for?

Lifesaving Rules – Working At Heights
Network Rail

Network Rail were looking for a suite of films to raise awareness of their key Lifesaving Rules.

Using an X-ray graphic style, we recreated situations based on real accidents suffered by Network Rail employees, showing the impact of various severe injuries suffered in working environments familiar to the audience.

ENA Watch Out Cables About
How to Dig a Trench

We were commissioned to produce a series of ‘How To’ films for JCB. These films showcase some of the company’s current range of machines and their capabilities. All of the films have been made available for JCB customers on their dedicated YouTube channel. In this film ‘How To… Dig a Trench’ we use a presenter-led approach to guide the viewer through using JCB’s intuitive servo controls. The film is a visual and in-depth guide on how to dig a trench.

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