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Please find a selection of our films below

The EY Experience

EY wanted a film to help communicate the ‘Exceptional EY Experience’ and all it has to offer. We made a film that places the audience at the centre of this idea and filmed EY people delivering the People Promise speech directly to camera in EY environments.

One Team

This was the first in a series of films promoting a new approach to HSBC’s GCCB whilst at the same time inculcating a sense of pride in all of their employees.

Digital Platform

Coutts wanted a short film that would present their digital platform. It needed to inspire and attract both current and potential customers, encouraging them to utilise the full range of digital services that they have recently developed and would be making available on a much wider scale.

One Million Futures

To accompany this programme Deloitte required a memorable, uplifting and emotionally engaging film to help all of their 15,000 employees connect and be a valued part of the initiative. Ensuring that each individual is aware of their pivotal role within the firm leading to positively impacting a million people’s lives over 3 years. The film also supports Deloitte’s main purpose and new brand visual refresh – signified by the green dot and circular motif.

The Spirit of CBRE

CBRE asked us to produce an engaging and surprising film that unifies their EMEA employees. ‘The Spirit of CBRE’ film had to also offer a broad overview of their wider business and drive home the power of their people in making CBRE the business it is today.

We used the kaleidolapse technique to give the film a unique sense of style and creativity. By using timelapse footage and symmetrically mirroring the shots – we were able to offer a visual as if looking through a kaleidoscope.

Everyday Heroes

They wanted the film to be emotionally engaging, whilst showcasing how Tesco employees are helping customers every minute, of everyday, in every store.

We went about this by giving the film a cinematic feel, capturing both big and small proud moments from colleagues in and around their stores.

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