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Sophie Neumeister & Megan Nunns, UBS

A selection of films from The Edge


This film was designed for UBS to demonstrate and promote their new online service, “Facecloud” – a digital platform that allows them to connect their culture across the world. It uses an elegant animation style to demonstrate the advantages of the online service and show both its simplicity and usefulness in an effective and engaging way.

HSBCnet Mobile App Promo 2018

This promo was produced for HSBCnet to showcase the exciting new creative look and feel of their updated Mobile App, focusing on the recent advances made to the technology, and in particular the launch of facial recognition software.

Future of Energy – Asia

This film enabled Shell to visualise the summary of a results survey about the future of energy in Asia.

They wanted to display the results in a vibrant, creative, animated format. Using their brand guidelines as a starting point we developed a detailed storyboard ahead of the animation to ensure that the brand team were happy with our visual interpretations.

By using simple shapes, maps, and facts presented through easily digestible captions, we created a fast-paced informative animation suitable for internal and external usage.

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